Senior was a hit on the field

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Brandon Raab, who graduated from C. Milton Wright on Thursday, will certainly be missed by the baseball team. He became the leadoff hitter midway through the season and helped spark the offense, as the Mustangs made a run to the Class 4A state finals before falling, 7-6, to Sherwood in eight innings.

The third baseman also played football for four years. He said he may try to walk on to the baseball team at Towson, where he plans to major in biology. Raab always has had an interest in the medical field, and recently became a member of the Bel Air Volunteer Fire Department, where he helped EMTs and went on ambulance rides. Raab is considering a pre-med major.

Did you think the Mustangs could make it to the state finals this year?

We definitely had the talent. We weren't as strong as last year, but with the coaching and the players that came together, I thought we could do it. We had talent coming up from the JV, and I knew we lost some of our players from last year. I knew the players we had coming up could fill the spots and we could be a playoff team.

How difficult was it to lose in the state finals in extra innings after taking a lead into the seventh inning?

It was a very tough way to lose. It was a long season, and there were some up and downs. It was upsetting to come that far, to have a lead in the last inning of the state championship and to lose it. It was pretty quiet in the dugout. Everyone was going around picking each other up, but it hurt. Everyone was very emotional.

What's the one thing that you'll remember from this season?

I guess it will be running onto the field right before the championship game. Just being there with the whole team, and knowing that we've made it that far, to the state championship. It was still an accomplishment to make it that far.

Which sport did you like better, baseball or football?

I was better at baseball than I was at football. I just like baseball overall more than football. I enjoyed it more.

How hard was it for you to adjust to being a leadoff hitter midway through the year?

Back in JV in 10th grade, I was the leadoff hitter. I think since I was leadoff then, it helped me get used to it. I figured since I wasn't doing so hot in the sixth spot, it would be a fresh start for me. I liked batting leadoff. It sparks the whole team, and gets everyone going. ... It made me nervous leading off in the state game, but it was a rush, and I like that feeling.

How did you get interested in medicine?

When I was little, I would watch medical shows with my mom. My mom, about seven or eight years ago, got a job at a hospital and would talk to me about patients she had as an EKG technician. I just like the whole atmosphere of the hospital. My mom pushed me to go to the fire department and find out what it was, and I liked it.

What's it like to work with the volunteer fire company?

It's cool because all the people there are very nice. You learn a lot of information at the firehouse about the ambulance and stuff like that. You can talk to them about anything, ... and I learn a lot.

You said you're going to major in biology in college. Will you be looking at going pre-med?

It depends on how the biology goes. I plan on working in a hospital either way in some form. I just want to see how it goes.

What's in your iPod right now?

I'd say mostly rock along with rap and country. I'd say Blink 182 is my favorite group. I always come back to them.

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