O's still striking out with fans

The Baltimore Sun

Attendance at Camden Yards for the final two games against the New York Yankees was indicative that Orioles fans are still in a wait-and-see mode when it comes to paying to watch the O's. Despite battling gamely the first third of the season and playing against the Yankees -- one of the two best draws here along with the Boston Red Sox -- the Orioles attracted 24,000 or so to games Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sure, school is still in session, but Wednesday, the Cleveland Indians and Seattle Mariners, both having disappointing seasons so far, drew about 30,000 fans to home games.

However, fan response in the Tampa Bay area shows how difficult it is to convince a long-abused fan base that a perennial loser is worthy of support. Even though the Rays are well above .500 and leading the American League East, they had just under 11,000 fans at Tropicana Field on Wednesday night when they beat the Texas Rangers.

Now that's scary.

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