A Big move for 'My One'

The Baltimore Sun

The Hollywood invasion begins in less than two weeks.

The movie My One and Only, starring Renee Zellweger as a divorced mother of two scouring the Eastern seaboard for a man to be both a father to her two sons and a financier for her lavish lifestyle, is set to begin filming in and around Baltimore beginning June 9 in Carroll County.

That means it's time to put out the beautiful people alert: Among the cast are Mr. Big himself, Sex and the City's Chris Noth, and Steven Weber, who was recently on Brothers & Sisters.

"We can do everything we need to do in the city," says producer Aaron Ryder (The Prestige). "It just kind of works. Baltimore and the surrounding areas, you have a lot of diverse looks to it.

"The movie takes place in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, New Mexico and, eventually, Los Angeles. We needed a city that was fairly diverse, which this city is."

My One and Only is based on the memoirs of actor George Hamilton. Zellweger's Anne Devereaux is inspired by his mom.

Besides Weber, who plays a potential suitor, and Noth, who plays a retired Army doctor who briefly finds himself in Anne Devereaux's sights, the cast includes some other faces that should prove familiar as well.

Nick Stahl of HBO's Carnivale plays another potential suitor. Zellweger's sons will be played by Logan Lerman (3:10 to Yuma) and Mark Rendall (30 Days of Night). Her sister will be played by Robin Weigert, best known as Calamity Jane on HBO's Deadwood.

The lead male role has yet to be cast, but Ryder expects to fill the part in the next few days.

Filming of My One and Only, the first film project financed by New Jersey-based Herrick Entertainment, is expected to run through July.


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