'Weed Man' burned on unintended call to officer

The Baltimore Sun

Perhaps his nickname contained just a bit too much information.

An Annapolis police officer who answered the cell phone of a driver pulled over for a traffic violation made an unexpected drug arrest after the caller's name popped up on the phone as "Zack the Weed Man," authorities said yesterday.

Joshua Steven Greene, 22, of Glencoe, was pulled over at 10:30 p.m. Monday for failing to stop for a red light at Church Circle and Duke of Gloucester Street, police said. After a check of MVA records showed that his license had been suspended, he was arrested.

He had told a police officer that he was on his way to meet a friend named Zack. After the arrest, Greene's cell phone rang, and the caller's name appeared on the phone as "Zack the Weed Man," police said.

The officer answered the phone, and the caller asked if Greene was on his way to meet him. Unaware he was speaking with a police officer, the caller said to meet him near a gas station at West and Lafayette streets, police said.

The officer went to the area and met Zachary Joseph Mazzola, 19, of the first block of Morris St. He had four grams of marijuana, and was arrested and charged with drug possession, police said. A trial date has been set for June 17 in Anne Arundel District Court.

Greene, meanwhile, was charged with the traffic violation and driving on a suspended license, according to police.


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