The more the merrier seems to work just fine for Brangelina

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THERE'S MORE babies coming, you know me!"

That's what Angelina Jolie said to a Swedish reporter, on the red carpet in Cannes.

No, she was not referring to the twins she is now carrying. Jolie wants more children, after these arrive. She already has Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh. The first three adopted, the last her daughter with very significant other, Brad Pitt. And Brad is, of course, the proud papa of the coming double blessing.

Jolie is ravishing these days. She always looks better pregnant, not concerned with keeping a movie-queen figure. I assume also, that her occasional lapses into skinniness reflect a woman too busy with four kids to eat properly. And Brad? He looks ... utterly content.

I think this might be a case where we all got it wrong. It seems a hundred years ago that Brad was married to Jennifer Aniston. Then Jolie came along and "stole" him away. Angelina was just beginning her work with UNICEF and had adopted only one child. She was still seen by many as a wild creature, the self-proclaimed dabbler in bisexuality, the sister who kissed her brother too fondly (in the media's eyes) and still the woman once wed to the endearing but proudly odd Billy Bob Thornton; each wearing the other's blood in a decorative vial around their necks.

It was slightly clear that part of the reason for her divorce from Billy Bob was that he did not share her emerging passion for philanthropic globetrotting. And, he didn't want more children, he said. Those from previous marriages were enough. But after he and Jolie split, he did have another baby. Men!

Insiders and those who could read between the lines of various interviews knew that Brad was not content being a golden boy to Aniston's golden girl. Still, the couple might have continued had he not been swept up by Miss Jolie.

As the Brangelina coupling continued, and as Jolie plunged deeper into charity work and adoptions, everybody thought the bloom was gonna fade. Surely this is not what Brad had bargained for? How exhausting. How un-sexy.

Well, ha, ha, ha to everyone! Jolie's desire to adopt, procreate, to raise millions for ravaged Third World countries, to use her fame for the greater good, seems to be an aphrodisiac for Mr. Pitt.

I'm so glad my initial cynicism has been proved wrong. If they break up tomorrow, I fall back on my Gilda Radner defense: "Nevermind!"


And things are humming nicely for Jennifer Aniston, too. She works nonstop, looks like a million dollars, and is now really enjoying herself with sexy singer John Mayer, who is a few years her junior, and one of the big players in a world of revolving women eager to play with him. Maybe it's not too serious. Maybe it's just a summer fling. But Brad and Angie's save-the-world-vibe notwithstanding, there's nothing wrong with lying around, getting a tan and making out with a hot young man.


Penelope Cruz shares a kiss with Scarlett Johansson in the Woody Allen movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona, which screened in Cannes. Asked if the girl-on-girl smooch was an enjoyable experience, Penelope replied: "I'm afraid I don't have a good answer to that."

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