First daughter, new teacher?

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Think boarding school and Bush.

Andover and George W.? Yes.

SEED School and Jenna? Maybe.

The president's daughter, who just got married and moved to South Baltimore, has applied for a job teaching at the Baltimore public boarding school, which will serve a very different population from the prepsters at Dad's alma mater.

(SEED School of Maryland, only the second public boarding school in the nation, will teach 80 disadvantaged students from around the state.)

At least I've heard Jenna Bush had applied, which is what I told school director Carol Beck when I reached her by phone yesterday.

"You did," Beck said.

Long pause.

"Not sure it's final yet," she said.

Maybe Mrs. Henry Hager doesn't have the job yet, but she's applied, right?

"I just want to make sure how far along the process is," replied Beck, who said she'd call back with more info.

Never heard back. And the White House declined to comment. But it sure sounds like Jenna has thrown her hat in the ring.

Members of the jury, what do you watch?

David Simon just might achieve his dream of jury nullification.

In a forthcoming federal trial in Baltimore, potential jurors have been asked if they've ever seen The Wire.

The questionnaire also asked what they thought of the HBO drama, whose war-on-drugs-weary creators vowed, in a March Time magazine essay, to vote to acquit in any nonviolent drug case.

So say two people who received the questionnaire, which also asked more traditional questions like, "What do you think of police?" and "What do you think of the death penalty?"

The case is before U.S. District Judge William D. Quarles. I asked the judge if jury questionnaires reference The Wire in every case, or just the one at hand.

The judge was willing to say this much, via a law clerk: "Jury questionnaires are formulated by the attorneys and approved by the judge. They're used to ask questions by which they can gauge the attitudes of potential jurors. The attorneys in this case thought they might have something to glean about whether a potential juror watches The Wire."

The clerk declined to identify the case. I understand it's a death penalty trial involving drugs, murder and Latrobe Homes - a familiar story to anyone with HBO.

You talk dirty at Loyola, just own up to it

Mark McKenna, Loyola College Class of 2008, goes on the record: Lesley Stahl really did use that naughty, feline, five-letter word in her commencement address.

His reaction to the word: amused surprise.

His reaction to the CBS spokesman who later insisted Stahl said "pussycat": outrage.

"[W]hen I read that CBS news would lie about Mrs. Stahl's speech and Loyola College would not comment, I decided that I would confirm the allegation," he wrote. "I only wish that Mrs. Stahl would be mature enough to admit what she said, especially considering it was in front of a large group of people and most likely recorded for the DVD of the graduation ceremony."

OK, somebody out there has the video. Send it my way and I'll buy you a beer at Club Pussycat on The Block. Or, if you prefer, the Cat's Eye Pub in Fells Point.

Harrah's loves Baltimore's money

You read it here first: A casino is coming to the Inner Harbor.

While Maryland wrestles with whether to expand gambling in the state, Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City is sending reps to the Inner Harbor tonight to give away keys to all 960 guest rooms at its new 44-story Waterfront Tower.

The key is good for one free night, June 19, which will be designated "Harrah's Loves Baltimore Night."

Kinda reminds me of how crack dealers give out free samples, but if you want in on it, be at northeast corner of Pratt and Light streets between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Connect the dots

Palling around this week: Martin O'Malley and Peter Franchot. Really. The governor and state comptroller are on a six-day mission to Israel. There are about 20 other people in the delegation, but I'm told O'Malley and Franchot will be spending lots of time together, including Sabbath dinner Friday. Next thing you know, the Jews and Palestinians will be getting along. ... Another suggestion for a better Baltimore, this one from reader Dave Webster: "Anyone who has lived in Baltimore has felt the frustration of having to find a parking spot every day. I have noticed that often there is a no-parking zone due to a fire hydrant. My question is: Why can't the bus stops be coordinated to overlap the hydrants that are already there. I know this won't always work and it certainly won't solve all of Baltimore's parking issues, but I have seen many places where shifting a bus stop a dozen yards or so would free up several parking spots." ... Reader Thomas Davis of Columbia has a beef with those Choose Civility bumper stickers I mentioned the other day. "[H]as anyone noticed how anybody who has a bumper sticker with the civility blather has it on CROOKED (and on the paint, which I thought everyone knew was a no-no)! What is that all about?"

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