For Crown's sake, let him race

The Baltimore Sun

Is there any chance that Big Brown's owner will send the thoroughbred on an injury rehab race before the Belmont Stakes? Big Brown visited a hoof specialist earlier this week. Strangely, it was Dr. James Andrews.

But seriously ... I'm reading reports on how the actual specialist, Ian McKinlay, inserted stainless steel wire stitches into a crack in Big Brown's left front foot to draw it together. He'll return to Belmont Park today and likely clean the area and replace the stitch before covering it with adhesive. Once that's done, McKinlay will probably place a fiberglass reinforced patch on the crack.

I don't care if they use spackle and duct tape. Just, please, get him on the track by June 7.

We haven't had a Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978. Do you know how long that is? Bob Lemon was managing the Yankees after replacing Billy Martin. Julio Franco wouldn't be a rookie for four more years. The Baltimore Colts acquired future Hall of Fame linebacker Willie Lanier from the Kansas City Chiefs (he retired before training camp). The Washington Bullets were NBA champions. Jimmy Connors and Martina Navratilova were the No. 1-ranked tennis players in the world. The Who played their last show with Keith Moon. John Daly still hadn't chugged his first beer.

I'm tired of waiting. And I don't care if Big Brown's crown is tainted because he's racing against horses normally used to give little kids rides at fairgrounds. Patch him up and run him at Belmont. He could trot the entire way and still win by 40 lengths. Who's going to beat him, Snoopy and Prickly Pete? I'd like to see one more Triple Crown in my lifetime. And as far as I know, Frank Robinson isn't coming out of retirement.

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