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Are they done introducing the Detroit Pistons yet?

Mr. Flip tuned in for Game 3 of the NBA's Eastern Conference finals Saturday night, and he was treated to a look at the over-the-top presentation of the starting lineup for the home team.

NBA commissioner David Stern has criticized the practice of pyrotechnic displays and loud music around the league. Mr. Flip doesn't mind efforts to pump up the crowd, but he would stop short of setting stuff on fire.

Mr. Flip can recall a time when critics of indoor soccer would point to some of the theatrical staging as evidence that the sport wasn't big-time. But that stuff is pretty mainstream these days. We're a long way from just the bugle call for "Charge!" at the old ballgame.

Mr. Flip doesn't think that's such a bad thing. So even if his taste in game music runs more toward "Shout" than anything by Jay-Z, he can understand how important it is to engage younger fans.

After all, the youngsters have more energy to go grab some popcorn from the concession stand for Mr. Flip while he stays in his seat.

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