Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five


The Baltimore Sun

This might sound crazy, but I think 81-year-old Penn State football coach Joe Paterno might be the most sane voice in college football.

Paterno wants a playoff. He said as much this week. He thinks the reasons we don't have one are bogus. He pointed out that no one cares how often - or how little - basketball players go to class. College presidents simply want to protect their golden goose in football: bowl games. The NCAA just added two, by the way, meaning 68 teams get to go to the postseason. College football is the new Lake Woebegon. All the programs are above average.

If I'm lucky enough, 51 years from now, to still be walking around at age 81, all I ask is that someone stir my applesauce, put on old Scrubs DVDs and prop me up in a comfy chair.

But I'm glad to see JoePa is still fighting the good fight.

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