NFL preseason preposterous

The Baltimore Sun

Aclassic case of putting lip gloss and eyeliner on a warthog was when the NFL rechristened exhibition games as "preseason" games, thus somehow elevating them in significance. And this Orwellian spin on games that don't count became part of the hazy but lucrative rationale for packaging them with season tickets and extorting fans for full-price admission.

So it was interesting to hear NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spell out his own thoughts on increasing the regular season to 17 games by eliminating one preseason game.

Here's what the commish had to say: "We are not satisfied with the quality of the preseason right now. We'd like to improve on that."

Let's run that one out there again - "Not satisfied with the quality of the preseason."

Well, let's see, by the second half of the first preseason game, no one is playing who will be on the roster in September and by the last preseason game, the starters aren't even given a chance to break a sweat lest they break something important.

Now that the NFL boss concedes that there's a "quality" issue concerning preseason games, you think they'll start selling them at discounts?

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