A cold front for Super Bowl

The Baltimore Sun

The NFL did it again -awarding a Super Bowl to a cold-weather city. This time it's Indianapolis for 2012.

We all understand the ill will folks in Baltimore have for Indianapolis, but let me assure one and all, my feelings about a Super Bowl there have nothing to do with Bob Irsay or Mayflower moving vans and everything to do with the sheer folly of holding a carnival week in a locale where the frigid February wind could peel your eyebrows off.

The folks I'm thinking about are the fans, mainly from the two participating teams, who have to pony up a fortune for transportation, hotel rooms and game tickets for the sports event of a lifetime. For all that cash, they at least deserve the chance of some sun and warm temperatures in the few days they're there. The losing contenders for the 2012 game were Phoenix (actually, Glendale, Ariz.) and Houston.

Of course, the awarding of the game to Indianapolis is a plum for its stadium that will open next season, which is usually the rationale for sending the NFL title game to the Arctic.

Regardless of where the Super Bowl is played, though, fans root just as hard for their teams to make it - and so will Ravens followers, even if the game is in Indianapolis. Just hold on to your eyebrows.

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