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20 Md. hospitals are in federal ad campaign

The Baltimore Sun

Twenty Maryland hospitals, including Johns Hopkins Bayview and the University of Maryland Medical Center, are featured in a print ad campaign by the federal government, which wants consumers to look at the hospitals' quality ratings.

The ads, paid for by the national Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, are appearing today in 58 major daily newspapers, including The Sun.

They cover 2,500 hospitals and promote Hospital Compare ( www.hospitalcompare.hhs.gov), a government Web site that offers information designed to help choose a hospital.

The ads offer scores ranging from 2 points to 26, based on patient satisfaction ratings in a variety of categories.

Results of the survey, initiated two years ago, were posted online in March.

Federal officials say the results are not scientifically valid because there was no effort to ensure a statistically random sample at each institution.

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