7 ways 'Idol' changed television

The Baltimore Sun

ON TV American Idol airs its two-part finale at 8 tonight and 8 p.m. tomorrow on WBFF, Channel 45.

The Idol effect, from top

* Shifted when networks broadcast our favorite shows, (Kiefer Sutherland of 24)

* Brought black and white sudiences together. (Karina Smirnoff and Mario of Dancing with the Stars)

* Helped introduced young people to voting. (Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton)

* Made TV more commercial than ever

* Resurrected the variety show. (Julienne Irwin of America's Got Talent)

* Crowned 10 o'clock news a winner. (wbff-tv)

* Influenced how we "Judge" politics. (Wolf Blitzer of CNN)

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