THE HENRY A. ROSENBERG SR. DISTINguished Citizen Award Dinner may be an annual fundraising tradition for the Boy Scouts of America. But the 2008 version was anything but traditional.

This year, instead of listening to speeches about a chosen honoree, guests at the Maryland Science Center were encouraged to tour the center's smash hit of a show, Body Worlds 2 -- the exhibit that shows the inner workings of the human body using real human bodies.

"I happen to be on the board of the Maryland Science Center. I said, we have a fantastic Body Worlds show. Everybody's standing in line to go there. Why don't you have your event at the Science Center and invite everybody to come see Body Worlds," said party co-chair Ed St. John, explaining how he presented the plan to the Boy Scouts Baltimore Area Council.

As hors d'oeuvres were passed, and guests enjoyed the cocktail hour, there was the question of whether to eat dinner or see the exhibit first.

Frank Glorioso, S. Rock Cement key account manager, was voting for the buffet line. Meanwhile, his friend JR Paterakis, H&S; Bakery vice president, disagreed. "I just can't wait to see the bodies," he said.


IF MARYLAND HAS ONLY ONE ENduring symbol, it has to be William Donald Schaefer, 87. He spent more than 50 years in public office: as Baltimore City councilman, City Council president, four-term Baltimore mayor, two-term Maryland governor and two-term Maryland comptroller. Retired now, Schaefer was recently moved into the Charlestown Retirement Community.

How are the new digs?

Prison is pretty good. [Actually] very nice. This guy that runs the place is a very nice man, a very caring man. He's young. He's just 60.

So, he's made you feel right at home at Charlestown?

You know, it is amazing how they get all those people together and nobody gets mad at each other. ... But, when you're by yourself, you're by yourself. I have a nice place. It's got a big living room, a big bedroom, a little office, a little dinette that looks out over the campus. The campus is nice. There's water and ducks and swans. I never see anybody who's disgruntled. ... and that's important. ... The man next to me, I couldn't have a better neighbor if I picked him myself. He dresses like Beau Brummel.

How are you spending your days?

I get up relatively early, around 8. It all depends. When you feel like getting out, walking around, you do. Sometimes you just want to sit and look out the window.

What's your worst habit?

Well, it isn't smoking. Not smoking. Not drinking. Mostly looking at pretty girls.

What would other people say your worst trait or habit is?


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