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SC Johnson warns of phony consumer rewards

The Baltimore Sun

SC Johnson, the Wisconsin manufacturer of such household products as Glade, Shout, Windex, Off and Ziploc, is warning consumers this month about a fake bank check scam luring people into divulging their personal data for a phony Consumers Reward Program.

The company says that consumers have received a letter in the mail notifying them that they have won a consumer reward prize with a fake check attached. The letterhead either says it's from "Consumer Reward Program, MBT Financial Services, P.O. Box 9004, Buffalo, N.Y., 14201" or "Domino Financial Trust Inc., P.O. Box 914, Greensboro, VT 19355-008."

In both instances the fraudulent checks are issued under the Johnson Bank name and include a fake signature of the SC Johnson's corporate treasurer. The company says that the letter informs consumers that they have won significantly more - often up to 10 times more - than the face value of the check and then asks for the consumer's bank information.

In a press release issued earlier this month, the company said, "SC Johnson is in no way affiliated with this activity, and we do not have a Consumer Rewards program. Consumers who receive this scam should not provide their bank account information. If you believe you have been fraudulently requested to provide your personal bank account information, you should contact your local police department."

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