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The Towpath Tea House opened its doors on May 18, 1920. It was near U.S. Route 1, just below the Glen Cove area of the Susquehanna River. Evelyn Mason established the tea house, one of the first in the East. It became a cherished stop for travelers and thriving business.

For many in Philadelphia and Baltimore, it became the destination for a weekend lunch or tea. By October 26, 1926, the guest book acquired over 6,750 signatures, some from visitors as far away as Denmark, London, Paris, Spain, the Panama Canal Zone and Sydney, Australia.

The tea house was later torn down to clear land for the construction of the Conowingo Dam. The area where it once stood is now under water.

Source: A Journey Through Berkley, Maryland by Constance R. Beims and Christine P. Tolbert

Compiled by the staff of the Harford County Public Library

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