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Unwavering intensity

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Archbishop Curley's Andrew Sellers is the consummate athlete. The senior dominated on the football field this season as a middle linebacker, registering 176 total tackles and shattering the school season record by nearly 50 in the process. He wrestled for three varsity seasons, too, but his favorite sport is lacrosse. He helped Curley win a Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association B Conference title last year, and the Friars are expected to repeat this year, having reeled off 25 straight B Conference victories. The long-pole midfielder and captain will play at Mercyhurst (Erie, Pa.) next season on a scholarship, and he plans to major in business. He has a 3.25 grade point average, was a member of the Franciscan Youth Ministry, the junior class president and volunteers at a nursing home on weekends.

What was it like for you when Curley won the B Conference title last year?

It was a great feeling of accomplishment. Our seniors were excellent last year. We worked really hard in practice every day and we came out every game giving 100 percent. It felt excellent to win it.

Having won 25 straight B Conference games, how do you stay focused?

It all starts in practice. We're always intense in practice and we know that we can't slip up for any games. Our guys know that, and we come out every game and give it our all.

Do you ever feel as if the team has a target on its back?

Absolutely. I remember sophomore year when [St. Vincent] Pallotti won the championship and I came back my junior year. I felt like they were the defending champions, so we went after them extra hard. We definitely feel like we have a target on our back this year.

How do you think this team differs from last year's team?

We still have a strong attack, excellent midfielders and our defense is really great. We also have Mike Lioi, he's our goalie, a new goalie, and he has played amazing this year. I think we're pretty good.

With all Curley has accomplished, how does the team stay hungry?

At the end of every game, our coaches say, "Never be satisfied." Because there's always something: a ground ball you missed, a pass you dropped, a goal that you let in. There's always something that somebody can improve on, so we know that we haven't played the perfect game yet.

What made you get involved with student government?

I wanted to be a leader. When I transferred here [from Eastern Tech as a sophomore], I was here for a year and I was observing the school, and I figured it'd be a great opportunity for me to help out.

What made you want to start volunteering at a nursing home?

We had to do a senior service program for Mr. [Jamie] Long, our administrator. That's where he recommended me to go. I went there for a week and did service, and after going there, I met great people and I like to go back and keep them company. It helps me more than it helps them.

Why did you decide on Mercyhurst?

A lot of factors. First, it was a Catholic school up in Erie, Pa. They played for the Division II national championship last year, so they were an excellent school.

What do you like to do away from the lacrosse field?

When I'm not playing lacrosse or not playing a sport, I'm usually training for that sport. I stay after practice every day and work out in the weight room. When I'm not doing that, I'm usually just hanging out with friends, going to the movies, stuff like that.

What gives you that drive to keep working out, even after practice is over?

My brother [Adam Sellers], who graduated from Calvert Hall two years ago, he played football at Salisbury and we've always been real competitive. ... But I just want to be the best in every single sport I play.

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