SOME 550 FOLKS STREAMED INTO THE Maryland Food Bank's Halethorpe warehouse for the organization's third annual Blue Jean Ball fundraiser.

Some of the evening's fun came from dressing for it. Any combination of black tie and blue jeans was welcome.

"That made it an attraction for me, because I don't always look forward to dressing up. This kind of dressing up I'll do anytime," said Jim Perdue, CEO of Perdue Farms and the gala's honorary chair, sporting a tux jacket and jeans.

"I know I'm the only person in here with creased jeans on," boasted Craig Sigismondi, Carey Sales and Service president / owner. Sigismondi had even gone to the effort of having his dry cleaners over-starch those jeans to make sure the crease would stay put.

"Effort is trying to figure out what shoes go with a man's tux jacket, but jeans," explained Laura Brusca, who served as auction co-chair with husband Ray Brusca, who displayed sleek black loafers with his ensemble.

Meanwhile, Mary Brunk -- who co-chaired the event with husband and MFB board chair Marty Brunk -- put together an outfit that borrowed from the evening's theme. "British Invasion" was all about the Beatles tribute band that would be performing later in the evening. Brunk had gone for a Sgt. Pepper look with a multicolor embroidered silk Nehru jacket atop her jeans.

"We're going to get down with the Beatles," she said. "Twist and shout, baby!"


YOU MAY NOT HAVE HEARD OF Kathy Harvey or the marketing company she started as a one-woman band in 1986 -- Harvey & Daughters -- which now employs 30. But you have seen her work. It's that new McCormick Spice dispensing rack in your supermarket. It's the in-store displays for CoverGirl and Max Factor, and the packaging for Manischewitz wine and Phillips Seafood, just to name a few. This "48 and cute" Lutherville native lives in Cockeysville with her husband, Michael Goellner, construction manager for Total Environmental Concepts.

Do you have daughters?

Not a one. Three male dogs. I'd love to show you pictures of them: Bert, Hap and Zeke.

You're the president of a busy company. Do you get down time?

I get a lot of down time. In fact, they'd like to see me have more down time. "Kathy, go out and play golf." "Kathy, go on another trip." ... But, when they need me, it's "Kathy, we need a happy hour." Because I'm the worst kid in the company. I'm the one who wants to stir things. I want to go out and play.

Do you micromanage?

I used to, and the team I have in place now worked very hard in untraining me. They truly tell me what to do. They'll say, "Kathy, get out. It's covered. We're fine." Then, I have to wander around the office looking for people to play with. In all seriousness, we do work. We work very hard. That's why we play hard.

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