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Black-oriented blogs have had a lot to say about the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. (above). Here are some recent blog posts collected on the Web site

"When Mr. Wright says god should damn America, white people take this personally for America is white America. ... America is the corporate environment where white people rule the upper management, white people make up the vast majority of middle workers, and black people make up the bottom rung of the corporate ladder. ... To say America is messing up is to say that white people are messing up since they are the ones in control of 98 percent of America's institutions."

- brotherpeacemaker

"I think the hush you hear from black folk is disappointment. Most black folk are thinking, 'NOW IS NOT THE TIME, Rev.' Is it necessary to stir up all of this negativity and scare potential white voters now? No. Reverend Wright knows the deal. He knows that the white-owned media are going to take buzz words from his speech and make a sound bite rap song. ... He also knows he will forever be known as [Sen. Barack] Obama's pastor. I'm pretty sure if he stopped for a moment he would understand and agree with Obama's position."

- tacha

"I think people are afraid to speak out in support of Reverend Wright because they don't want to ruin Senator Obama's chances of winning the nomination and the subsequent election. Privately, I think we are behind Reverend Wright, but we are afraid to publicly speak up."

- newblackwoman

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