Bryant hardly logical MVP

The Baltimore Sun

I'm feeling a little peeved with the NBA's Most Valuable Player voters after they again put a convenient narrative ahead of logical arguments about the best player.

Please don't think I'm bashing Kobe Bryant. He's among the most ingenious scorers I've seen in 25 years as a basketball fan.

But LeBron James outscored him, out-rebounded him, dished more assists, shot a higher percentage and lifted a less-gifted team to the playoffs. If you want to dock James for missing seven games, being a mediocre free-throw shooter and playing in the Eastern Conference, so be it. I counter with Chris Paul.

Paul shot a higher percentage, created far more shots for his teammates, was more careful with the ball and was the league's best thief on defense. Oh, and his team won but one fewer game than the Lakers.

Bryant got it because basketball writers have somehow decided he's the best player in the league (never the case in any individual season) and because the Lakers surprised everyone (maybe because they acquired a terrific big man in Pau Gasol, and Lamar Odom played out of his mind down the stretch).

I hate lifetime achievement awards. Give me logic and give me Paul for MVP.

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