Guillen, blow-ups are back

The Baltimore Sun

We have a record in the short history of Last Word rants.

Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen becomes the first consecutive two-time winner (loser?) to appear in this space.

Guillen qualified for a mention here yesterday for his weekend profanity-laced tirade during which he fumed about how those stinkin' Cubs are more loved and respected in Chicago than the White Sox even though the Cubbies haven't won a World Series since there were glaciers in Kansas.

Today, the rant trophy stays with the White Sox and their manager for an unprecedented second straight day after someone in their clubhouse decided to use a pair of inflatable dolls and strategically place baseball bats along with signs that said "Let's Go White Sox" and "You've Got to Push" as a motivational device to help them snap out of a recent slump.

Guillen's response to the sophomoric tableau went something like - So what's the problem?

Actually, Gullen's quote was: "A lot worse things happen in the clubhouse."

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