An unconventional tour

The Baltimore Sun

Now here's an innovative way to crack cold cases. Law and Order scriptwriters take note.

During a plea agreement in Anne Arundel County Circuit Court recently, serial burglar Patrick Francis Alfaro offered to take police on a tour of all the places he had robbed - or tried to rob - in his long criminal career. It was an offer the detectives and prosecutors couldn't refuse.

In return for helping police clear unsolved burglaries, Mr. Alfaro would have several years shaved off a proposed 11-year prison sentence. He made the unusual offer after pleading guilty to attempting to rob a Chinese restaurant in Millersville last June.

The Glen Burnie resident, who served six years in jail for burglaries in Howard County, was a suspect in burglaries throughout the Baltimore area. Mr. Alfaro, 46, whose lawyer blamed his client's criminal ways on a drug habit, sure got around. Here's hoping that the substances Mr. Alfaro ingested haven't clouded his memory of all the places where his "work-related travel" took him.

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