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She occupies a folding chair in the center of the auditorium, right where the orchestra pit would be if this were the Hippodrome or Carnegie Hall.

On the stage 10 feet away, 24 actors - squat and round, slender and intent, smiling and sniffling and dour - engage Barb Thomas with their eyes, reflecting as deftly as they can every movement she makes.

She lifts her arms; they lift theirs. She leans left; mirror-like, they tilt right. As the melody of a show tune rattles through a boom box on a table in the auditorium at Riderwood Elementary School in Towson, she bends to the floor snapping her fingers, and they do the same, in time.

If you go Snoopy!!! The Musical will be performed at 8 p.m. Tuesday in the cafeteria of Riderwood Elementary School, 1711 Landrake Road, Towson. Admission is free. Call 410-887-5370.

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