Don't get taken for a ride by phony pitch

The Baltimore Sun

No matter what your mail might tell you, Toyota is not out to get your financial details or coax you into becoming a mystery shopper.

According to Toyota's Open Road blog, there have been several attempts to obtain personal or financial information from consumers through correspondence on falsified Toyota letterhead, which is often accompanied by a forged Toyota check.

"There apparently are different variations of the same [approach]," said Jon F. Thompson, editor of Open Road. "In one instance, the letter solicits the recipient's participation in a mystery-shopper program. In two others, the letter advises that the individual has won a lottery involving a large sum of cash and/or a Toyota vehicle."

Thompson added, "Remember the old warning says that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is? That's the case here. These letters are fraudulent. If you receive one, do not respond, and do not attempt to cash any check that might accompany your letter." Open Road says U.S. law enforcement officials are investigating.

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