Snap decisions

Because I'm obviously hip, the fine folks at Reebok e-mailed me this week and asked whether The Life of Kings would be interested in interviewing Joe Flacco, the Ravens' first-round draft pick.

Because we don't take things too seriously on the back page, we decided to throw our best dumb questions at Joe. Anyone can ask him if he's ready to arm-wrestle the starting job away from Kyle Boller and Troy Smith, but this is the only place you'll read about Flacco's love of Australian heavy metal pioneers AC/DC and Brazilian supermodels. Hope you enjoy.


Joe, thanks for joining us. First off, a question of utmost importance that no one else in the media is going to have the courage to ask you this week: What is your favorite movie and why?

I guess I'd have to say Gladiator with Russell Crowe. I really like revenge movies. I love that he comes back and gets revenge on everyone in the end.


Any parallels to your own life? You did leave Pitt, transfer to Delaware, and then became a first-round NFL draft pick.

I don't know about parallels to my life. I definitely have a chip on my shoulder after having transferred to Division I-AA. But I don't know that I want to get revenge on anyone.

Could you ever envision yourself standing in the middle of M&T; Bank Stadium with your arms extended and screaming, "Are you not entertained?"

(Laughing) I don't know that I could ever see myself doing that, but I can definitely see myself in the stadium, leading the team.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo allegedly had to choose between blond bombshells Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson at one point. Who would you have picked if faced with the same dilemma?

Man, I don't know. That's tough. Can I pick a third option?

Sure. Why not? We're totally comfortable with you calling an audible.

I'd have to trust Tom Brady in that area. He seems to know what he's doing.


Ah, Gisele Bundchen. Well played, Mr. Flacco. ... OK, next question: What's a song or a book that's been important to you. Please explain why.

A song or a book? That's tough. There's definitely not a book, because I'm not too much of a reader. As for a song, I guess I'd have to go with anything AC/DC. We used to listen to a lot of AC/DC before games to get fired up. "TNT," "Thunderstruck," all that stuff. It really gets you pumped.

When you were at Pitt, coach Dave Wannstedt never really gave you the chance to beat out Tyler Palko. Is this evidence men with mustaches can't be trusted? We are still a little leery of mustachioed men ever since Rafael Palmeiro wagged his finger at Congress.

(Laughing.) I don't know about that. I do know that you'll definitely never see me sporting a mustache. I don't foresee that at all.

Somewhere, the great Sam Elliot weeps. ... Lastly, from what we understand, you were a pretty good baseball player before you decided to focus on football. Any chance we can get you to moonlight as a pitcher for the Orioles?

I wish I could. I do have some younger brothers though, and they're pretty good at baseball. Hopefully, I can get the Orioles hooked up with them.


Could you? We'd really appreciate it.