There's no 'I' in 'LeBron'

The Baltimore Sun

No, he didn't!

Please tell me that NBA superstar LeBron James didn't refer to himself in the third person while complaining about the brutal treatment he has received from the Washington Wizards in their Eastern Conference playoff series with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

"I guess that's what they want to do, hurt LeBron James in this series," he said. "It's not working."

Neither is that quote.

I understand his frustration. The Wizards, on the brink of elimination going into tonight's Game 5, have been called for two flagrant fouls against James. They're trying to add more tattoos to his collection -- imprints of their hands. One more hard spill and someone will mistake him for the Exxon Valdez. And now the Wizards are taunting him with accusations that he's a "crybaby." Shameful.

But if LeBron James wants any sympathy, LeBron James will need to stop calling himself LeBron James. Sure, there are worse offenses. He could be carpooling with Carmelo Anthony. He could buy an NBA franchise and hire Isiah Thomas to run it. But this is pretty bad.

Few things are more irritating than hearing an athlete refer to himself in the third person. So please, No. 23, stick to using "me," "myself" and "I."

That will make Roch Kubatko feel a whole lot better about LeBron James.

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