Columbia Association elects board members

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Here are the results of last week's Columbia Association elections. Owen Brown did not hold an election because there were no contested races.

Dorsey's Search Columbia Council: nonelection year.

Village Board: (three open seats) Diane Turner, 54, Rob Sims, 53, Larry Winston, 51.

Harper's Choice Columbia Council: Cynthia Coyle, 315, Lynda Maxwell, 200.

Village Board: (one open seat) Patti Petri 428.

Hickory Ridge Columbia Council: Miles Coffman, 138 (unopposed).

Village Board: (5 open seats) Michelle Wood, 110, incumbent Linda Hitzelberger, 105, incumbent Gregg Schwind, 96, John Bailey, 93, incumbent Nancy McCord, 92, incumbent Tom Louden, 91, incumbent David Zeitzer, 81, and Len Berkowitz, 51.

(Note: 260 votes were cast, with 85 Columbia Association ballots counted toward quorum. 333 votes are needed for a valid election. A special meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the Hawthorn Center, 6175 Sunny Spring, to achieve a quorum. Members of the Association who have not yet voted may cast their ballots at the meeting.)

Kings Contrivance Columbia Council: nonelection year.

Village Board: (2 open seats) incumbent Lorraine Kelly, 113, incumbent Marguerite Walsh, 111.

Long Reach Columbia Council: nonelection year.

Village Board: (3 open seats) incumbent Karen Hitcho, 378, Josh Friedman, 351, incumbent Ed Coleman, 290, incumbent William Taylor, 175.

Oakland Mills: Columbia Council: Alex Hekimian, 270, and Phillips Engelke, 262.

Village Board: (seven open seats) Mary Kate Murray, 488, Jim Alvey, 484, Marcia White, 482, incumbent Karen Gray, 481, Abby Hendrix, 478, Michael McKenna, 477, incumbent Kriz Krizmanich, 471.

River Hill Columbia Council: nonelection year.

Village Board:(four open seats) incumbent Larry Blickman, 69, and incumbent Todd Harrison, 67. (Village board will appoint two more members.)

Town Center Columbia Council: Suzanne Waller, 134, Stephen Meskin, 121.

Village Board: (two open seats) Jean Israel and incumbent Linda Wengel automatically elected.

Wilde Lake Columbia Council: Incumbent Philip Kirsch 260, Linda Odum 225.

Village Board: (5 open seats) incumbent Vincent Marando, 345, incumbent Mary Pivar, 324, Lisa Mikkelsen, 292, Elliott Simons, 279, Bill Santos, 246, incumbent Rhoda Toback, 220, incumbent Christopher Tsien, 199, incumbent Richard Madzel, 161.

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