April showers unkind to O's

The Baltimore Sun

If the Orioles are subjected to any more rain, they might have to change their mascot to mildew. And I'm sure that would be fine with most fans, as long as they put "Baltimore" on the road jerseys.

Three Orioles games have been postponed this season, yesterday's was suspended after 11 innings, and a handful of others have started late or been delayed because of unplayable conditions. They've endured two doubleheaders, being swept in Texas and splitting one in Chicago. They'll lose a day off in September so they can make up a game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

They'd build an ark at Camden Yards if it wouldn't obstruct the last remaining strip of visible skyline.

The Orioles haven't seen fire, but they've seen rain. Lots and lots of it, including enough yesterday to push back the start of their game against the Chicago White Sox by more than two hours. And it's killing their momentum, not to mention their rotation, which already was pretty fragile under the best of conditions.

How can a team get on a roll when the tarp is constantly being unrolled? Manager Dave Trembley and his coaching staff prepared for just about everything in spring training. Too bad they didn't come up with a drill to combat the weather.

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