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THE CAPITAL GRILLE IS A great place for Baltimore professionals to see and be seen. Schering-Plough pharmaceutical sales rep Colley Bruce is definitely one of this particular evening's top sights. Why does this 29-year-old Patterson Park resident prescribe a daily dose of good fashion sense? "When you look good, you're more confident throughout the day," he says.

Age: 29

Residence: Patterson Park

Job: Schering-Plough pharmaceutical sales representative

Self-described style: Laid-back, but outgoing

The look: Navy pinstriped Michael Kors suit. Baby blue and white pinstriped dress shirt with white French cuffs and collar. Pink, white and black striped Pronto Uomo tie. Two silk pocket scarves -- one pink, one white -- folded and pinned together. Brown Bostonian lace-up shoes. Sterling silver monogrammed cufflinks. Stainless steel Diesel watch.

Where it came from: The suit came from Macy's. He bought the shirt, tie and pocket scarves at Men's Wearhouse. The shoes are from DSW. The cufflinks and watch were gifts.

Fashion is a sales tool: "I think fashion tells a lot about you. When a person approaches you, they can already tell what you're about. First impressions are everything, especially in my line of work. I'm a sales rep. It has a lot to do with how you walk in the door."

Running with a good idea: "I went to Men's Wearhouse. Those guys do a great job. Basically, I said, 'Listen, I want something a little bit different.' ... The [salesman] said, 'If you have a pink tie' -- which I do -- 'you do the pocket scarf look, but double it up.' You know what's funny? I now do that often."

Formal is a good fit: "I wear suits five days a week. It's required by the job. But, I do like to wear them. I went to a Catholic high school, so I became accustomed to more formal wear. I had to wear a blazer, khakis. When I got out in the real world, I had no problem wearing a business suit."

Shop right: : "I don't think I shop that often, maybe once every three months or so. But, when I do, I buy a lot of stuff. The great thing about being a guy, you've got a lot of ties, a lot of shirts, it makes you look like you have a lot of suits."

Matching eyewear a must: "It used to be my sunglasses. But, I just bought a pair of Prada shades that don't really go with this suit. So, I have to look for another pair that will."

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