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Head Start help to end in Howard

After years of providing discounted diesel fuel and repairs for Head Start buses, Howard County officials have told the nonprofit the practice must end, raising fears that increased costs will hamper educational programs for 264 children from low-income households.

One day, two violent deaths

Police found Nancy Schmidt, 74, about 5:30 a.m. Monday, stabbed repeatedly in her Remington home, and Michael Ellerby, 24, was shot outside of a funeral in West Baltimore about 12:15 p.m. the same day.

Dixon to halt property tax cut

Blaming a weak economy and shaky revenues, Mayor Sheila Dixon is abandoning a long-standing plan to cut 2 cents this year from Baltimore's highest-in-the-state property tax rate.

Teen jailed in assault on bus

Nakita McDaniels, the 15-year-old Robert Poole Middle School student whom prosecutors accused of sparking an attack on a city bus passenger in December was sentenced to a juvenile jail until a judge releases her or she turns 21.

Soldiers plead guilty in gun case

Pfc. Denario Wesson, 19, and Spc. Joshua Johnson, 24 - two soldiers who had failed to get a criminal weapons case against them postponed so they could be deployed to Iraq - pleaded guilty to misdemeanor handgun charges and were sentenced to probation.

Off-duty police officer killed

Norman Stamp, an off-duty police officer and 44-year veteran of the force, was shot and killed by another policeman during a brawl at an East Baltimore strip club.

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