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Other notable deaths

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Film score composer

Bebe Barron, who with her husband, Louis, composed the first electronic score for a feature film - the eerie gulps and burbles, echoes and weee-oooos that accompanied invisible monsters and robotic creatures in the 1956 science-fiction classic Forbidden Planet - died last week in Los Angeles.

The score for Forbidden Planet - the tale of a starship crew that travels 17 light-years from Earth to investigate why settlers on the planet Altair-4 have gone silent - "is truly a landmark in electro-acoustic music," Barry Schrader, professor of electro-acoustic music at the California Institute of the Arts, said Thursday.

While later electro-acoustic scoring became more melodic, the Barrons' breakthrough fixed the technique's otherworldly identity in public consciousness.

Mr. Barron died in 1989.

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