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Michael E. Cryor finds it an exciting time to be the chairman of the Democratic Party in Maryland. "Enthusiasm is high," he said. "People are invested in managing and maintaining a culture of collaboration."

Cryor, who once co-chaired Martin O'Malley's campaign for governor, is the president and founder of the Cryor Group, which he describes as a communications consulting group that allows people to think more strategically about linking business goals and assets.

"Thinking Points" by George Lakoff

I love Lakoff's work because he directs us to think differently about the communication of values and ideas and how poorly Democrats have handled the challenge.

"The Truly Disadvantaged: The Inner City, The Underclass and Public Policy" by William Julius Wilson

I first read this book during my first presidential campaign. It discusses the causes of poverty. It is a scholarly piece of work that addresses the structural changes in the American economy and the absence of quality work.

"The Reckoning" by David Halberstam

It is one of three in the trilogy. The book does a scholarly comparison of the American and Japanese industry and the world demand for oil.

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