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Edgewood's Amanda Holsclaw recently broke the school record for career lacrosse goals -- for girls and boys.

Holsclaw had 199 goals as of Thursday, surpassing the previous mark of 189, and the Rams had three regular-season games left.

The senior, who's headed to Salisbury in the fall to play lacrosse, has been consistent throughout her Edgewood career. She had 55 goals and 13 assists through Thursday. That comes after a 76-goal, 19-assist junior season (despite battling painful hip flexor problems), 41 goals and six assists as a sophomore and 27 goals and five assists in her freshman year.

Off the field, she's a member of the school's Student Government Association and is also in the Spanish Honor Society.

You score so many goals, but you really want people to see that you're not just a one-dimensional player, don't you?

We have a very young team this year. We graduated most of our seniors last year. Some of our players this year, it's the first time that they've played the sport. So the three returning seniors, we have to pull our weight to help the team. I don't really feel pressure. I just go out there and try my hardest all the time.

What will it feel like to score your 200th goal?

It will feel awesome. But I wasn't aware until a week ago that I was even close. My dad actually told me. I had no idea. I was really surprised. It's just not all about goals. It's about trying to boost the team's morale and doing what we can to try to win.

What do you see your role as, since you're a senior and have to be a leader on this team?

I guess just to [help] teach the girls about the sport and to teach the basics of the game. I try to help settle everything down on offense and get everything going. Justine Seaster and Jane Burgess are the other two seniors, and we try to help get everything rolling. They're both on defense, so they lead the defense, and I help with the offense.

How much extra attention do you get from other teams' defenses, and how tough is that to deal with?

It's hard because I'm the center, and I take the draws and I have to go back on defense ... and then I have to go on offense. The more attention they give me, the better it is for our team. If they double-team me, somebody's going to be open. I know this year that other teams have noticed me a lot more.

What are going to study in college?

Accounting will be my major. I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet. My dad is an accountant, and I've always been interested in math and stuff.

What's on your iPod?

I listen to everything. I listen to hip-hop and rap; I like anything with a good beat. I'll listen to anything with a good tempo before games.

What will be your most memorable moment in lacrosse at Edgewood?

It would probably be being named a captain my junior year. Just because I was a junior, and there [were] a lot of seniors on the team, and that they would nominate me -- that was definitely an honor. I was very surprised.

What are your plans for your senior prom this weekend?

We'll have a limo, and then we're going to have dinner at Ripken Stadium, and then our prom will be held at club level. Everything will start around 7 or 8 that morning with nails, hair and makeup. It's worth it; I can't wait. The prom is at 8 p.m.

When you began playing lacrosse in high school, did you ever think you'd have this kind of succes?

No, definitely not. It's been a big surprise. I came from playing on a club team where no one stood out to Edgewood, and I got a little more attention. It's been a blast, and we're not done yet.

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