'Deception' has no tricks up its sleeve

The Baltimore Sun

That underrated actor Ewan McGregor recently did something even Liam Neeson couldn't do: Triumph in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. But when it comes to slick New York City genre movies, he's a jinx. He helped sink the witless Manhattan sex farce Down With Love (2003), and he couldn't inject life into the psychiatric trick mystery Stay.

He does even worse in the new Gothic-Gotham suspense film Deception. This awful, glossy hybrid of The Talented Mr. Ripley and Eyes Wide Shut serves up McGregor as a shy high-powered accountant, crudely banged and boringly bespectacled despite his expensive tailoring.

Deception (20th Century Fox) Starring Ewan McGregor, Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams. Directed by Marcel Langenegger. Rated R for sexual content, language, brief violence and some drug use. Time 108 minutes.

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