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Redskins aren't picky

The Baltimore Sun

No matter what they say, the Washington Redskins really do hate to draft, don't they?

In the first four rounds of the previous five drafts, the Redskins had just nine selections out of a possible total of 20.

This is a team that has preferred acquiring veterans through free agency and trades to drafting untested college players. But in the post-Joe Gibbs era, that was supposed to change. The Redskins are armed with nine draft picks for the upcoming draft weekend, including four within the first 96.

But obviously, this whole draft thing is a little unsettling for the Redskins because they recently offered their first-round pick for this year (No. 21 overall) and at least a third-rounder for next year (that could have escalated to a first-rounder) to Cincinnati in exchange for unhappy wide receiver Chad Johnson, who marches to the rhythm of his own calliope.

The Bengals, refusing to give in to Johnson's trade demand, have turned down the Redskins. And probably did them a favor in the process.

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