Lindsay may have fallen off the wagon, but her rep won't say

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I WASN'T there, so I can't comment."

That's Lindsay Lohan's press rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnick, responding to reports that her talented client, supposedly clean and sober, was zonked out on vodka cocktails the other night in Manhattan. I like this answer. It works best, whatever the truth of the situation. I suppose all reps should use it in the first hours of a story breaking.

Miss Lohan was photographed with eyes closed and hand to head in a car outside the club where she reportedly imbibed. She could simply have been tired. Even 21-year-olds wear out after a night on the town.

Listen, this young woman needs a good job. Idle hands often hold a vodka tonic. I hope Lindsay's managers are looking for a good job for her.

But Britney's doing well

Ah, but we have better news on the Britney Spears front. You already know she has been invited back to make another guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother. Her first stint gave that sitcom its highest ratings ever.

Spears, looking cute and healthy, was spotted shopping at Niketown in Beverly Hills. She was on the hunt for running gear and comfy get-ups for her yoga classes.

Brian Livingston, store manager, gave the singer personal assistance. Britney said to him, "Running is therapy, you know, to deal with the pressures of being me." The manager suggested the new Vomero + 3 shoes, which are "lighter than air." He then commented that since running provided some emotional relief for her, maybe Britney should run a marathon.

But Britney nixed this. "I love running, but when I do, I usually have to go out with bodyguards, even in my own neighborhood." (A gated community in Beverly Hills.) "Running out in public, at an event, would just be way too complicated." Spears made her purchases without incident and left quietly, unmolested for once by paparazzi. It was an almost dignified outing for this harassed celebrity.

And then there's Paris

As for Paris Hilton -- well, you knew we had to go there! The last time I checked TMZ, she was ... partying.

Paris' mom, Kathy Hilton, was among the throng at Ivana Trump's recent wedding at her ex-hubby Donald's Mar-A-Lago estate. Another guest was Florida's beloved philanthropist Dame Celia Lipton Farris. Celia walked up to Kathy and said, "Be proud of your daughter Paris. Unlike most rich kids, she is gainfully employed and works hard."

Does Paris realize she got high marks from a woman who worked hard for years as Great Britain's most famous Peter Pan?

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