City school board names 12 new principals

The Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore school board named 12 new principals last night, the first of at least 36 principal appointments expected between now and June.

Some of the principal openings are the result of retirements, resignations and the creation of new schools. One is the result of a promotion. Schools chief Andres Alonso has said that not all principals will be asked back.

At 11 struggling schools, the entire staff - including the principal - must reapply as a result of restructuring required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

Alonso said he will ask the board to appoint at least another 12 principals in May and 12 more in June.

Every principal named last night was interviewed by the school community and Alonso personally. Some central office administrators are being transferred into principal positions as their current jobs are eliminated as part of a reorganization.

Next academic year, city principals will have more autonomy over spending. Yesterday, principals received from the central office the projected amount of money they'll have to work with as they craft individual school budgets based on the needs of their students. Budgets are based on projected student enrollment and student needs.

The principals named last night: James Dendinger, assistant principal of Roland Park Elementary/Middle, will be principal of Thomas Johnson Elementary; Jenny Heinbaugh, a teacher at Barclay Elementary/Middle, will be promoted to principal of the same school; Matthew Carpenter, assistant principal of Hampstead Hill Academy, will be principal of Arundel Elementary/Middle; Tonya Green, assistant principal of Calverton Elementary/Middle, will be principal of the same school; Tony Edwards, principal of Robert Poole Middle, will be reassigned to be principal of Dr. Samuel L. Banks High; Patricia Burrell, a central office administrator, will be principal of North Bend Elementary; Michael Cheatham, a central office administrator, will be principal of Samuel F.B. Morse Elementary; Sue Torr, the district's director of literacy, will be principal of Mount Washington Elementary; Karen White, resident principal of Forest Park High, will be principal of KAPPA, one of the new middle/high schools; Matt Wernsdorfer, of the Johns Hopkins University, will be principal of Civitas, one of the new middle/high schools; Allison Shecter, founder of Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School, will be principal of the same school; and William McKenna, the district's coordinator of charter schools, will be principal of AFYA, a public charter school.

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