Bengals' Johnson needs some work on memory

The Baltimore Sun

The answer from Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson:

"My plans are to show up and embarrass everyone who tries to cover me."

The question posed to Johnson in a telephone interview on ESPN:

What are your plans when there's a mandatory minicamp?

Just about two weeks ago, Johnson said publicly that although he remains unhappy with the Bengals, mainly because they haven't done enough to improve, he intended to practice with the team when required and give full effort.

Now, he's in a snit that quarterback Carson Palmer mentioned that Johnson said he would attend mandatory practices in June. Chad's latest story is: A) He still wants to be traded; B) He will not attend mandatory minicamps and C) Palmer should stay out of his business.

"I don't know where he got that. I made no assertion to Carson that I would do that," Johnson is quoted as saying.

Johnson must be losing it because zillions of people heard him say exactly what Carson related.

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