Defective part may lead to rejection of batteries

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Have you run into problems with a digital camera rejecting new AA batteries? I have a digital camera that takes two AA batteries. It gives me a message that the battery charge is low. The batteries test fine. But when I replace the batteries with brand new ones, I get the same message. ... I have this problem on my old camera (6 years old), my current camera (2 years old) and now my wife's camera (less than 1 year old).

- Brian Leary

This is one where readers can help. Other than guessing that the "low charge" indicator itself is defective - almost impossible on three cameras - I have no idea. I can theorize that the cameras have circuitry that won't let them use the batteries once the low-charge indicator is triggered. But I'm just guessing. If you know, or have a better guess, write and help with Brian's problem.

I have two questions regarding the coming digital TV changeover. I have cable on all my TVs, but only one is hooked to a cable box.

1. Will all the TVs on cable function on the changeover, or only the one connected to a box?

2. Is the expensive HD cable required for a TV that has a digital tuner and is hooked directly to the cable outlet?

- Don Coonley

If the TVs are analog models, then they will not function if fed a digital signal without a cable box. If they are digital TVs (either HDTV or just digital), then the built-in tuner will work fine.

One thing to consider, however, is that cable companies have been ordered by the FCC to provide service to analog customers for three years after the switch. It is up to the cable company to decide how to do that. As to your second question, if the TV is digital and connected directly to the outlet, no additional cable would be needed.

Help from a reader

Most UPS batteries are the same as the ones used for emergency and exit lights. They are available at Radio Shack and other stores for about $20 to $30, not the $50 to $80 you pay from the manufacturer.

- Jane Hillis

Bill Husted writes for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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