Help Seattle, hold the bravado

The Baltimore Sun

There is understandable angst in Seattle now that the SuperSonics appear closer to becoming the Oklahoma City Wranglers or whatever. And it's also understandable that Seattle fans are looking for any glimmer of hope that carpetbagger owner Clay Bennett can be derailed in his bid to relocate the franchise.

There's pending litigation initiated by the city to keep the Sonics in Seattle, and just yesterday came word that the team's former owner, Howard Schultz of Starbucks fame and fortune, plans to file suit to regain the team, contending that Bennett bought the club under misleading circumstances. Schultz contends that Bennett promised to make a good-faith effort to keep the team in Seattle but that he had his fingers crossed behind his back the whole time.

OK, so "Mr. Coffee" Schultz - the guy whose ownership group reportedly lost tens of millions on the team from 2001 to 2006, was unable to get similar relief on the arena issue that Bennett wanted, and then failed to find a local buyer two years ago - now wants to look like a hometown white knight with this talk of reclaiming the Sonics.

Yeah, and maybe Starbucks will start selling $1 lattes with free refills.

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