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A model of inconsistency

The Baltimore Sun

Carmelo Anthony has it all. Baltimore's most high-profile representative in the NBA has the riches and fame every kid on the streets of this or any city could hope for.

All season his team, the Denver Nuggets, has been in a scratch-and-claw battle to get into the NBA playoffs, so you would think that Anthony would be pretty focused on the task at hand.

Instead, early yesterday morning he was arrested for suspected DUI after driving dangerously and failing field sobriety tests. This follows a citation for speeding 25 mph over the speed limit in February.

Many fans will recall the upset that Anthony caused a few years ago when he made a cameo appearance in a "Stop Snitching" video - and that he had to go into full-court damage control to deal with the fallout from that situation. On the flip side, Anthony has donated millions of dollars to youth causes, including in Baltimore, and to his alma mater, Syracuse.

But as a role model, Anthony has to realize that more than anything, kids look for consistency. And this ragged inconsistency in his behavior sends a message that could undo all the good that he tries to accomplish with his checkbook.

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