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Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart By Gordon Livingston

Subtitled "Thirty True Things You Need to Know," the slim book by Columbia-based psychiatrist Gordon Livingston has been a source of inspiration and comfort to many, including Elizabeth Edwards, who wrote the foreword to the book.

Edwards, the wife of former presidential candidate John Edwards, "met" Livingston in an online chatroom for bereaved parents. "He knows," she writes, "as well as anyone could, that life will have its way with us and that all we can hope to do is to keep ourselves in alignment for the bumpy ride."

Livingston says he wrote the book to tell what he had learned in life: from his time in the military, from the deaths of two sons -- one from suicide and one from cancer -- and from the many patients he has treated over the years.

The book goes beyond cliches, expressing, as Edwards notes, "a wisdom greater even than what his extraordinary life has provided."

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