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Anita Rozenel, a music teacher at Hernwood Elementary School, is the founder of Kids Helping Hopkins, an organization that brings Maryland students together to raise money, write cards and notes, and donate books, crafts and toys to the patients of the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. Rozenel founded the organization in 1993 after one of her kindergarten pupils died of cancer. "Richard Scarry's Best First Book Ever!" / by Richard Scarry / Random House Books for Young Readers / 48 pages / $13.99

I was taking a children's literature course when I read this book. It entered my heart immediately. The characters live in Busytown and they are all treated with respect.

"Follow the Drinking Gourd" / by Jeannette Winter / Knopf Books for Young Readers / 48 pages / $17.99

The title of the book is actually the title of a song that was created by an Underground Railroad conductor"

Don't Kiss Them Good-bye" / by Allison DuBois / Fireside / 224 pages / $14

The book is a biography. The author ... reaffirmed my belief that our life here is just one stop along the journey.

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