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Mallory Vogel is a three-year varsity player and one of three captains on the C. Milton Wright girls lacrosse team. She also has played varsity soccer and basketball for three yearsBut sports is not the only thing in her life.

She loves math and science and plans on studying biomedical engineering -- which can involve work such as designing limbs and tissues and ligaments -- in college, probably at Catholic or RPI, while playing basketball and lacrosse. Vogel has a 4.1 grade point average, is a member of the National Honor Society and tutors students in algebra and geometry.

Vogel has helped the Mustangs start the lacrosse season 5-1. She ranks second on the team in points with 11 goals and six assists and is one of the team's most versatile players.

You play three sports in three seasons, something that's not as common as it used to be. What's your favorite one?

Basketball, but lacrosse is right up there. I guess because I've been playing basketball so much. That's been a big part of my life for a long time. I was about 7 when I started.

How good is this year's lacrosse team going to be?

This year's team can be very good. There's a lot of seniors and a lot of underclassmen that are playing also. We're finally starting to click, and hopefully it keeps getting better.

What do you see your role as on the team?

I'm a captain, so I definitely see it as a leader, whether it be vocally or leading by example. Just being the open person and trying to score as many goals as I can to help out in any way. Most of my goals are assisted. I don't dodge or take it by myself.

You tutor in math and you're going to major in biomedical engineering in college. What fascinates you about math and science?

I guess I'm just good at math and I guess science fascinates me more than math. Just learning about how things work and the underlying circuits and all the stuff going on, especially within the human body that people don't know about. I like to learn about that.

How difficult might it be in college to play sports and carry a heavy course load?

I guess, honestly, I want to play sports because I don't know what else I would do with my time. Sports has been huge within my family and within my life. My two brothers both played three sports. When we were little, it was nonstop and I loved it. It keeps me motivated and organized better with time management and all that stuff.

What was like being in two state championship games in soccer the past two seasons?

It was probably the most intense and team-bonded experience I've ever experienced in sports, and it carries over into all my other sports. I want my other teammates to experience the whole thing, the bonding, the togetherness and how everyone had the same goal.

Was it more emotional to win in an upset like you did two years ago or lose in penalty kicks like last fall?

I think it was probably more emotional to win because it was completely unexpected and we just kept working our way all the way up. We did it for our coach and we did it for each other two years ago. This year, it was still emotional when we made it that far, but it was almost a win getting all the way to penalty kicks.

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