Whatever happened to ... Alana Shor

The Baltimore Sun

If you were partying hearty around Baltimore in the 1970s and 1980s, there's no way you could have missed Paper Cup, later Shor Patrol, which at the time was one of Baltimore's hottest and best-loved Top 40 disco rock bands.

Alana Shor, the tiny blond vocalist who bore more than a passing resemblance to rocker Stevie Nicks, shared the stage with drummer Loren John, bass guitarist Darryl Matarozza, lead guitarist Franco Theodore and Don Wimbrough on keyboards.

The group hit it big in 1983 with their hit "Loverboy," which earned them national attention and a mention in Billboard Magazine.

"We were in the top 100 with 'Loverboy.' We tried to make the big time but realized we weren't going anywhere, so we broke up by the mid-'80s - and later briefly reunited before calling it quits," Shor said.

Shor, who graduated from Northwestern High School in 1968, began singing when she was 15 and joined Paper Cup in 1973. The band was founded in 1969.

Shor, who later sang with Crack the Sky and Jr. Cline and the Recliners, was performing in Ocean City when she realized her voice was out of shape.

"Also, I was no longer having fun, so it was time to quit," said Shor, who now heads Alana Shor Entertainment, an Owings Mills talent agency that supplies disc jockeys, bands and dance troupes nationwide. "I retired the same year as Cal Ripken."

Married to Barry Silverman, an advertising copy writer, the Owings Mills resident is the mother of a daughter.

"Marnie is quite the rock 'n' roller. She plays guitar and sings. However, if I start singing around the house, she says, 'Mom! Please don't sing!'" Shor said, laughing.

"People still come up to me and tell me they remember me and the band," she said.

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