Beckinsale heats up 'Snow Angels'

The Baltimore Sun

Kate Beckinsale is too good for any of the guys in Snow Angels and too good for this movie. She brings relentless energy and vitality to Annie, the estranged wife of a boozing, born-again screw-up, Glenn (Sam Rockwell), and the driven mother of their young daughter. Her inventiveness exposes just how puny this movie is.

The artful writer-director, David Gordon Green, may feel he invests his characters with poignancy by depicting them as people with scant inner resources, flailing their way toward uncertain destinies. Instead he robs them of any interest beyond what the actors bring to them. In Beckinsale's case that's quite a lot.

Snow Angels (Warner Independent) Starring Kate Beckinsale, Sam Rockwell, Michael Angarano. Directed by David Gordon Green. Rated R for language, brief sexuality, some violent content and drug use. Time 106 minutes.

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