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Pro Football Hall of Famer Dick Butkus went to court and won a case against the organization that was using his name on the award for college football's top linebacker - obviously, the Butkus Award.

Butkus revoked his permission allowing the Downtown Athletic Club in Orlando to use his name for the award last spring. The award had been presented since 1985.

Not only did a federal court rule that the organization couldn't continue to use Butkus' name but the judge also opened the door for Butkus to seek damages. A hearing on that is scheduled for June. The former Chicago Bear is considering basing an award program in Chicago to raise money for charity.

All of which has me wondering this: How about places like the Key Bridge? If Francis Scott didn't give his permission to use his name, does that mean his descendants - whoever they might be - are owed a cut of the tolls by the Maryland Transportation Authority? Just wondering, that's all.

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