8157 A Honeygo Blvd., The Avenue at White Marsh, 21236 / / Open 10 a.m.-9 p.m., Mondays through Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sundays / / 866-587-4339 or 410-933-4866


IT'S HARD TO TRICK OUT A BEAR WITH hood scoops, side pipes and running boards. Wouldn't look right anyway. What you need is a cool ride.

Modeled after the popular Build-A-Bear Workshops, makers of Ridemakerz have created a build-it-yourself toy car business where children (and adults) first pick a street or monster chassis on either a stock or custom body style. Then, gentlemen, start your customizing.

After springing, say, for a $25 stock ride, customers can add an overhead cam ($5), a hood scoop ($2.50), and running board ($3.50) to their tricked-out ride. At the new Ridemakerz store at White Marsh, people last month were also splurging on $25 radio controls and $10 street lights that shine underneath the car. Sound chips are an extra $3, and for the truly tricked-out, toy nitrous oxide tanks are also $3 on your miniature Mini Cooper, Ford Mustang or Scion -- among other models.

Customers take their turn assembling their cars - screwing the chassis onto the body and snapping on the wheels.

Chris Erhardt of Bel Air dropped by the store with his boys, but his eyes began to roam the shelves of customized cams, decals and side pipes.

"I'm thinking about getting a car for myself," he said.

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