Seven nominations for district court

The Baltimore Sun

Seven candidates have been recommended as "most fully qualified" for an appointment to the Harford County District Court.

Their names have been forwarded to Gov. Martin O'Malley, who will appoint one of them to fill a vacancy left by Judge Angela M. Eaves, who was elevated to the Harford County Circuit Court.

Harford County's Judicial Nominating Commission recommended:

Yolanda Lauranzon Curtin, Theodore Mark Hart, Susan Hower Hazlett, Charles Edward Kearney Jr., Melissa Lazarich Lambert, Carl Ridgeley Schlaich and Roger Joseph Sullivan.

They were picked from a pool of 22 applicants after a March 27 meeting by the 13-member nominating commission.

The District Court judge would be appointed to a 10-year term.

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