Planned budget cuts a concern

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An open letter to County Executive John R. Leopold

My child goes to Mayo Elementary School. I'm very concerned about the proposed budget cuts in Anne Arundel County regarding the reduction in the number of teachers. Mayo Elementary stands to lose three exceptional teachers. With new construction in the community, including four new developments, our classrooms and teachers will be over taxed.

As president of the Holly Hills Harbor Civic Association, I represent 171 families, and we all agree that this proposed budget will rob this county's children of the best education that we can offer.

Holly Hills Harbor residents are carefully following the budget process and look forward to your support on this matter. Remember, our children are our future.


Homeless Resource Day a success

Homeless Resource Day, a one-stop shop of services for Anne Arundel County's homeless population, was held at Glen Burnie High School on March 29 and served well over 300 homeless individuals in the first half of the day.

From the moment I presented the idea to the Department of Social Services, the staff worked diligently to recruit and coordinate donations of goods and services from a multitude of resources in the county. I would like to thank the many organizations and volunteers who united to provide aid to the underprivileged families and individuals who attended.

While I cannot thank everyone, I want to publicly express my gratitude and my overwhelming sense of pride in the county departments, state and federal agencies shelters, food organizations, volunteers, and medical personnel that collectively made Homeless Resource Day a success.

I am proud of county residents willing to offer themselves to those in need. As a token of my appreciation, I will be hosting a reception for the volunteers in June. It is my hope that those who participated in organizing Homeless Resource Day will join me in celebrating the accomplishment of helping so many of Anne Arundel County's less fortunate residents.

JOHN R. LEOPOLD Anne Arundel County Executive

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